AD series of Acoustic Glass Break Detectors

The operation of the AD Series of Acoustic Glass Break Detectors is based on the detection of acoustic waves generated by breaking glass.

These detectors are fully resistant to varying noise signals that can cause false alarms and give a high level of accuracy (90%) for glass break detection. Latest research and testing has created improvements in the algorithm of the detection. The result of these improvements is a detector that can be used for many different types of glass.

The high quality of the detector has been confirmed by many endorsements including the German Certification Bureau, VdS.

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AD 700 Akustyczna czujka zbicia szyby

Acoustic glass break detector

AD 700 AM Akustyczna czujka zbicia szkła

Acoustic glass break detector with indication funtion of microphone tamper and fault

Glass break detector grade 3

Acoustic glass break detector with active anti-masking  function.