Optical Fibre Asset Protection System

The system consists of a control unit connected to an optical fibre in a closed loop. The control unit transmits coded light pulses through the fibre. This signal is received by the control unit, then compared in shape and time and identified as the same transmitted. The protected items are connected to the fibre with specially designed anchors. The control unit is then connected to the 24-hour loop in the alarm system. Any attempt to remove the items or tamper with the optical fibre will cause an alarm. The fibre allows for normal use of the equipment. It is totally immune to any electronic disturbance and does not cause any disturbances. The optical fibre is about 2mm in diameter, supple and can easily be bent. The maximum length of 40m enables protection of many items per control unit. The analyser has a solid-state relay output programmable to AUTO or LATCH. The relay can be remotely reset in latch position. There is an LED indicator that can be programmed to either display in the day position only or follow the relay programming.

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Optical fibre protection system


Stainless steel anchor with screw


Optical fibre coated in plastic